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What’s in a name? 15 April 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

So, here’s some interesting news for those who wish to get married and are considering whether or not to take their partner’s name:

Marital name change is not without consequences. Women who took their partner’s name appear to be different from women who kept their own name on a variety of demographics and beliefs, which are more or less associated with the female stereotype (Study 1). Subsequent studies show that women’s surnames are used as a cue for judgment (Studies 2-4). A woman who took her partner’s name or a hyphenated name was judged as more caring, more dependent, less intelligent, more emotional, less competent, and less ambitious in comparison with a woman who kept her own name. A woman with her own name, on the other hand, was judged as less caring, more independent, more ambitious, more intelligent, and more competent, which was similar to an unmarried woman living together or a man. Finally, a job applicant who took her partner’s name, in comparison with one with her own name, was less likely to be hired for a job and her monthly salary was estimated €861,21 lower (calculated to a working life, €361.708,20).

Source: “What’s in a Name? 361.708 Euros: The Effects of Marital Name Change” from Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Volume 32, Issue 1 March 2010 , pages 17 – 25

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1. lizeth - 23 April 2010

As a married woman (since 1980), keeping my own name and having faced reality on this some years now, I never ever had regrets. If you are the second mentioned type of person, just do it and read where is written “less caring” “less serving”. 😉

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