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Death of the iPhone self-portrait? 4 June 2012

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The lovely boys over at Triggertrap have come up with an awesome little invention that can trigger your camera with, well, pretty much anything that you can think of. Vibrations, sound, lazer… sky (and your imagination) is the limit! And they also have a nifty app available for iPhone.

Their latest article is about how you can trigger your camera by calling your iPhone. This latest article had me thinking: what are the implications on those self-portraits that are awful, but that we are all guilty of? You know the ones – there are two types.

1) The mirror

This version is you standing in front of a mirror, taking a picture of yourself. Most often you can see the iPhone right there in the mirror, sometimes with a massive big flash obscuring some of the ‘artiste’s’ face/ body. And extra points for using hipstamatic while you are at it, for that extra hipster feel. Oh, I am being cheeky. I have done this myself, too, so I shouldn’t be too harsh. Note that there are about a million lingerie or nudie pics floating around the internet done this way, so be careful when googling “iPhone self-portrait.” They are mostly, by no stretch of the imagination, artistic…

2) The I-am-doing-my-best-to-stretch-out-my-arms-to-get-some-distance-but-I-don’t-want-you-to-see-my-arms-in-the-picture

This version can be just you or you with some friends. You either didn’t want to ask someone else to take a photo, or you don’t have any friends (handy). And it is exactly what I called it – it is that strained expression on your face of trying to look good, balance your iPhone as far away from you as possible to make the zits as small as possible, but seeing that your arms are a finite length, you never quite get it far enough away and the mind boggling effort of trying to press the shutter button either with the same hand that you are holding the iPhone with, or with the other hand without showing your outstretched arms in the final picture.

The latter version has improved drastically with the iPhone 4 and 4S ability of turning the camera around so you can see where you are aiming before pressing the shutter button. But they will never be classy, will they?

So back to the triggertrap – considering that you can now have the shutter go whenever you need to, you can avoid all this rigmarole and actually get some decent self-portraits going! No more bad mirror or awkward bow-legged arm pictures! The internet will be eternally grateful to the boys of Triggertrap. That is, if the nOObs can get around to getting the iPhone App and working it out.

So go forth and self-portrait!

In the interest of full disclosure – I am very close to one of the inventors of Triggertrap.

May the shooting begin 24 February 2010

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I am very pleased to announce that I have joined a photography course for newbies!

I am completely untalented in the way of using cameras and, frankly, they intimidate me (sad!) and I am not really technically minded enough to sit down with a manual and teach it to myself. So therefore, I was thrilled to be accepted into the online course over at photocritic.org that is setting out to teach ‘n00bs’ like me to handle a camera.

In the interest of full disclosure, I know the photography guru who runs that blog extremely well, and he may have allowed me to join as a bit of a charity case. But hopefully, this will mean that I will have a new hobby to delve into.

May the hunt for the perfect photograph (and the journey towards becoming a photographer, however amateur) begin.