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Blogging positive 14 May 2011

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In conversation with a friend today, I realised that I have more of a philosophy about my blog than I was aware of.

From the beginning, this blog has been about two things. Firstly, a venue for me to write, experiment, and to keep my writing skills up. I write for myself, as a public journal, to amuze me. I never thought I would have a big following (which I don’t). No webbies will come my way. Looking back over my blogging history, I enjoy the depth and breath that has developed in my writing since I started. The first couple of posts are a bit random, a new blogger trying to find her feet, trying to figure out how to be interesting. Trying too hard, even. But I like what my blog has developed into. A stream of consciousness and observations.

Secondly, I write for my friends and family back home, the ones that want to keep in touch with the things I do (I can be hard to follow sometimes. Literally). I try to make sure that my observations are interesting to that audience.

But I have come to realise that I also want to bring something positive to the table. I find that the (quasi-)anonymousness of being on the internet inspires vitriol and bad manners in many. People spend hours pouring their latest whinge about whatever the topic of their blog is onto the internet.

They complain. Loudly.

Maybe in an attempt to be humourous, they rip things apart with particular attention to detail. Maybe it is perceived as funny by their followers.

But that is not what I want for my blog. I don’t want to use it as a forum for anonymous complaining. If I am upset and want to complain, I do so in person. Or to a friend over coffee, where we afterwards talk about good things, happy moments. I don’t want negativity to be my only side.

In fact, when I have nothing good to say, I often (like here) rather not blog than spiral into discontent through writing about it. Of course, not everything on my blog is all roses.

But I also don’t try to (one recent post duly excepted) gush, as a consistent gusher is not being realistic, either. If absolutely everything is wonderful, fabulous, perfect, beautiful, maybe I am trying to convince myself of those virtues more so than my readers.

In general, I am a happy, positive person with normal ups and downs, and I hope the reader can see that from my blog.

Blogging lapse 12 September 2010

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I have neglected my writing for the past couple of days. I have been slack and quiet. But there are some valid reasons for it.

Firstly, I have been on holidays. And because I needed a holiday, I’ve been happy to avoid the blog for a while.

Secondly, I have been in Australia, where free WiFi is hard to find. It still amazes me that the Internet should be so regulated and costly in that country. At our last hotel, they wanted to charge close to 25 dollars per 24 hours for the priviledge, and only through cable (so I would not have been able to use my iTouch).

Thirdly, I was feeling boring, and did not think I had much to tell. Hopefully, this will change.

All Quiet on the Eastern Front 20 January 2010

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It has been a very quiet start to 2010 (blogging-wise) for me. This is because I am still trying to find my feet in my new job!

That’s right, I have started working, after many months as a volunteer, and although I am enjoying it immensely, I am utterly exhausted. Who would have thought that spending months and months without a clear schedule for waking up and without commitment would cause me to literally wilt once I returned to a 9-5.30 employment?

Yes, during my time as a volunteer I did go in to an office most days. And I did actually contribute some work as well. But there was no pressure. No need to meet deadlines or expectations, because, let’s face it, no one was paying me.

Now, getting up every morning is a struggle, not because I do not wish to go, but because I am so tired. And my after work social life is really suffering! And this includes my blogging.

But I intend to be better. I am starting to find my feet in the new workplace, so I expect to find my feet privately as well. I will keep you posted.