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Biggus Dickus 9 February 2010

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All you Monthy Python fans out there are sure to enjoy this little golden nugget from the Foreign Policy journal:

Despite having served for years as a distinguished Pakistani diplomat, Akbar Zeb reportedly cannot receive accreditation as Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The reason, apparently, has nothing to do with his credentials, and everything to do with his name — which, in Arabic, translates to “biggest dick”.

For the entire article, go here.

And, because I can’t help myself:

Anti Corruption 9 February 2010

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As my parents have spent some time in India, I am sure they will appreciate this one:

In India, corruption in the form of bribery is so common (even though it is illegal), that an anti-corruption body, 5th Pillar, has come up with the novel concept of a 0 Rupee note, where the front looks like this:

And the back looks like this:

You can download the Rupee template in all the major Indian languages from their website, making it easily accessible around the country.

I am a little unconvinced about whether it is as effective in making offenders repent and even repay the money already accepted, as the site claims to have happened (anecdotal evidence only) . But I like the concept.

Hat tip: BoingBoing.