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It’s theatre, my dear 8 August 2010

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I spent Friday and Saturday night backstage for a wonderful set of short absurdist plays this weekend. They were put on by the Hanoi International Theatre Society (HITS) and they were amazingly fun.

My contribution was but small – I baked cookies and applied make-up. Hopefully, I also prevented the spread of a very nasty case of pink-eye.

But yet again, I find myself in awe of the people that do get out on that stage, and bare it all for the world to see. There must surely be an element of exhibitionism to doing theatre. But there is also that willingness to entertain, and to through those means, make others… feel. To entertain the audience, make them laugh. To share with them.

And the talent available in the expat amateur theatre community in Hanoi never ceases to amaze me. The actors (most of whom, I must admit, for the benefit of transparency, I can probably count as friends) had developed their respective characters into believable, exciting and entertaining (often funny) personalities.

I am so lucky to have been able to have been involved in some way. Thank you all!