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Snert 6 May 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Cooking.
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I had my first attempt at making snert all by myself today, that delicious Dutch version of pea and ham soup that I grew up with. My mother is the most amazing cook of this soup – it is normally so thick and chunky that your spoon will stand up straight in it! Which, to say the least, makes for a hardy meal.

And don’t you look at me with those shifty side glances – I know that snert is a definite winter meal (best had after ice skating, if you want the true authentic feel), and that Hanoi is certainly heading in to summer (today was the first sticky day of many for the year, the ones that makes you wonder how you will be able to even breathe through the day), but I have recently become the proud new owner of a set of IKEA¬†Tupperware, and I simply had to fill it with something!

Now, as this was my first attempt, and I did not actually find all the ingredients (anyone know the Vietnamese word for celeriac?), but, in the words of moto-moto the hippo, it is nice and chunkeh, and not at all bad.

I don’t think I will share the recipe with you until I have tried another time, though. I wouldn’t want your first snert experience to be a let down!