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What a cesspit the Australian political landscape is 26 June 2013

Posted by uggclogs in Life.
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It has been a really long time, I would say years, since politics have had any substance in this country. I am frustrated.

I am sick of the personalities and the low-blow personal attacks. As if anyone cares?

I am sick of the so-called major topics that are being discussed. They are distractions and unhelpful.

Boat arrivals. There are such few people that arrive by boat to this country. It is a travesty that so many people perish on the way over – surely there is a solution out there that doesn’t require locking people up on islands out of sight? Surely most asylum applications can be processed and dealt with in a timely manner rather than having these people wait, in limbo, for years?

Gay marriage. It is going to happen, so why is this such a major political play thing? Stop telling people what they can and can’t do in their lives. If it isn’t hurting anyone (and no, being ‘offensive’ to you does not qualify) then what do you care what people want to do with their lives?

Misogeny. Oh, please. Stop reducing my life experience to something out of a 1950s magazine. In today’s Australia, women can have what they want. So take it! But everything involves choices. And if you chose not to take it, that’s fine, too. That is the whole point. If I as a woman choose having a family and therefore do not become a CEO before my 35th birthday, I do not see myself as a failure, because they are my choices and they make me happy. And guess what? If I choose to focus on career and aim to lead a company by my 35th birthday, guess what? In Australia 2013, I can do that, too! It would take a heck of a lot of overtime and focus, and very hard work, but it is my lack of commitment and drive in that field, not my gender, holding me back.

So what should we be talking about?