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Youth say the darndest things 21 April 2011

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Many moons ago, I blogged about one of the kids in the centre where I work that used to scream “chicken!” whenever he saw me. He is a real charmer, that one.

Recently, he was standing next to me, complaining that I was doing too much work. He clearly wanted me to drop everything and chat to him… so I did.

He had a new piece of jewellery – two rings hanging off a chain around his neck, so I asked him about it. He told me the rings were too small for him to wear, so he put them on the chain. As I laughed and said “they are not THAT small” I placed one on my pinky finger, to show him he could still wear them. He exclaimed:

“Now you are my wife!”

Laughingly, I quickly removed the ring and told him to save them for his real future wife, and that he was far too young to get married (I believe he is 18 in Western counting).

But no. He no longer calls me chicken. He now calls me his wife.

“My wife!” makes people look just as much (or even more!) as “chicken” used to do. Funny that. I think I may have to explain this one, though.