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Dogs that ride trains 28 January 2010

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This post on the Daily Dish regarding dogs that ride trains made me recall a similar dog which I encountered in my youth.

Norway hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1952 in Oslo, and at that time, near their famous ski jump, Holmenkollen, they also created their bob sleigh run. Nowadays, it is known as ‘Korketrekkeren‘ (the Corkscrew) and when it snows, this run is open for kids of all ages to sleigh (toboggan) all the way to the bottom, and then catch a train back up to the top, to do it all again. It is a fantastic day, with loads of fun, I would highly recommend it.

When I last went tobogganing down Korketrekkeren, in around 2000, when I mounted the train with my toboggan, there was a dog that entered the train as well. He had a collar with writing on it, so I went and read it. It said something along the lines of

“Hello, I am (Dog’s Name). I like riding the train, I am not lost. Please don’t worry, when I am sick of getting on and off the train, I will make my way home again”.

And sure enough, at the top of the mountain, the dog got off the train, crossed the train line, and waited for a train to take him back down again. He would then also get off the train again at the correct stop down the bottom, cross the train line again, and wait for a train to ride to the top again.

I wonder what happened to him, I have not been back since then, so I do not know if he is still riding the train every day.