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Morning Ritual 24 November 2010

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Vietnam is littered with schools, to cater for an incredibly young generation. There are babies everywhere, and trying to get past any school just at the time of it starting or finishing for the day is a nightmare of motorbikes and meandering children.

Our office is located across the road from one of these many schools. A while ago, when thunder started rumbling during recess, every time there was a roar of thunder (and by that I mean the loudest bang you have ever heard) hundreds of little voices screamed in unified terror. The poor children had to stay outside during the terrifying thunderstorm all the same.

I much prefer the singing and dancing in unison, which they also do, frequently! Every morning, the school blasts out an upbeat, fun song starting the day off in style.

It’s always one of two songs, either one which is used as a morning exercise routine (which makes me hang out of the second floor office window to watch the little darlings, it is so cute! If I can find a YouTube clip, I will post it for you) or everyone’s favourite song honouring Bac Ho, or Uncle Ho Chi Minh: Như có Bác Hồ trong ngày vui đại thắng.

It is a lovely reminder of being so close to every day Vietnamese life, with children squealing and laughing and running around outside as well as inside of the office. One of the many things I will miss from my life in Vietnam.