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First accident 19 August 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Vietnam.
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Ok, so it was bound to happen, right? I have been cruising around on my motorbike in Hanoi for the past eighteen months or so, and all I ever have managed to do was to gently nudge the motorbike in front of me. They did not even notice at the time.

But yesterday, the inevitable happened.

In the midst of the chaos, one of those need-for-speed types (oh, you know the ones. Too cool for school, more often than not not wearing a helmet, driving at insane speeds and honking like there is no tomorrow, swerving dangerously in front of cars and buses and into oncoming traffic) came flying down the road and t-boned my bike.

I went through one of those intersections where there is traffic going in ever direction, and there were cars and motorbikes and I seem to recall a small bus as well. I had just crossed in front of this black car, and the coast was clear – or so I thought. I went through the rest of the intersection, when this guy flies into my bike just where a passenger would have been. (Lucky there was none).

My bike does the death-wobble, and all I can think of to do to stabilise her is to slam my feet on the ground.

Being a tall MoFo, I can easily place both my feet squarely on the ground without much trouble when standing still. But I wasn’t – I was driving. So the speed (not much, granted) combined with the wobble, made me pull my entire left big toe open. Not the smartest trick in the book, but at least I didn’t fall over!

Once I came to a full stop, I turned my head to make sure that the other person had not come of their bike. At that exact moment, his spare helmet, a bright pink little thing, fell off his bike onto the road.  The ensuing look of anger that I received was completely unwarranted, so I gave him a death stare back (I have been told that they are rather effective and unnerving) and knowing that he was still upright, his bike still running, and nothing further to worry about, I decided to get out of there.

Only when I got down the road did I actually feel the toe, and looking down I noticed that I was bleeding quite badly. I stopped and touched it, asserting that it was a heck of a lot of pain from such a little limb, but that the nail was intact and that it was probably going to be ok. I made my way home to clean it and dress it, and although it is now under the desk throbbing and being nasty, last night’s ice cream and attention from my partner made everything much better. (Or maybe it was the Bacardi?)

I am lucky if this is the extent of my accidents in Hanoi. There have been far worse, which I have luckily never been part of nor witnessed.