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12 tips for long haul flights with an infant 22 April 2016

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

I’ve just arrived in Europe, having travelled here with my Bub (who is less than a year). I found online advice incredibly useful prior to my flights as well as tips from friends. And since I am currently jet lagged and nursing a little bundle of exhaustion in my arms at 3:30am, I thought I might as well share my thoughts. 

Tips for long haul

1) do not worry about other passengers. While this is super hard, keep in mind it’s only a couple of hours out of their lives. They’ll be fine. At most they’ll be slightly annoyed. Most people will be sympathetic. And you don’t need the added stress of caring about others.

2) pack more nappies than you think you need. You are better off with too many than to be stuck mid flight with a poosplosion in a tiny bathroom. 

3) bring extra outfits. Even if you do not have a poosplosion, there will be spit up (theirs or yours) or food on them.

4) bring small toys that they haven’t seen for a while. Small items that you can lose and don’t get worried about are the best. I got a good 10 min out of my little with a clothes peg. Don’t bring balls, they will roll to the back of the plane, trip up the stewardess and cause mayhem as hot tea is poured over other passengers. All of a sudden, tip 1) is out the window. With the toys – milk them for what they are worth before you bring out the next one.

5) bring a clean top for yourself. And deodorant. Do not bring entertainment for yourself, you will not need it. Wear shoes you can easily remove. Don’t wear belts or jewellery that will set off metal detectors. 

6) if your little is small enough for a bassinet, and take to cots, try to get some sleep out of them in there. My little could not fit, his feet were dangling, so he refused to go in it. Remember that if you need to hold your child the whole way, that’s ok too. Whatever works for your sanity, too! Which brings me to point 7.

7) if there is a chance they will need to sleep on you, bring a pillow for them to lie on. They are bulky and annoying, but it was completely worth it: it provides warmth on chilly planes, protects their heads from sudden movements against arm rests, gives your arms a break and facilitates breastfeeding.  

8 ) ziplock bags are your friend. Toys in one, nappies in another, liquids in one, foods etc in another. Bring an extra one for dirty clothes. Don’t be afraid to label. Label label label! Don’t worry if at the end of of your trip you are no longer organised, though. The world has a propensity for chaos. 

9) bring a muslin cloth. Light weight and versatile. Blocks out cabin lights for sleeping, works as a blanket, spit up cleaner, modesty blanket, etc.

10) bring carriers if they use them. I thought I would get my pram at the lay overs which ended up not being the case. My baby bjorn was a God sent especially in Heathrow (how I hate that airport!). Don’t be afraid to roam the aircraft when seatbelt signs are off. And if anyone shows the slightest interest in your baby – milk it. It will keep them entertained.

11) don’t worry about headphones, but when you have cycled through all the toys twice and you don’t know what else to do – turn on the TV on some kids show. The colours and movements will keep them entertained.

Oh. And 12) sucking will relieve the pressure on their ears, so for take off and landing plan for breastfeeding, a bottle or a dummy. If all of a sudden none of those are accepted, remember that crying also helps, so be patient with little people when they go up or down. Not crying might mean excruciating pain, so crying is good!!

Happy trip! 



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