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Deeper meaning of love 23 March 2016

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

I never knew how much my parents love me until I had a child of my own. 

Of course, I knew my parents love me before this. They tell me frequently. They show me in their actions. They care what I do, how I feel, what I think. 

Yet I think I took this for granted. I’ve been lucky that I grew up with two parents who were, and are, there for me. 

But as I was handed my bundle of joy, my eyes have been opened to the depth of their love. I know how monumental the birth of my brother (their first born) really must have been. How they would have marvelled at his little nose and toes and how they would have celebrated his every ‘first’. They would have been there for every step, virtual, mental and physical. I’m sure it would have been similar for their second baby (me). 

And as I have a new found respect for the love I have received, I also am acutely aware that my little one will not grasp the love we as parents have for him. We will tell him and show him, but he might only understand the vastness of that love if he chooses the path of parenthood. 

We love you, little man. 



1. elimaro - 27 March 2016

So true! Love you!

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