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Bird watching 5 July 2013

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

Outside of my window at work, there are some gorgeous trees, a favourite spot for local birds. I get to see all sorts of beautiful birds. At the moment, with the shrill, cold winds raging through the winter wood, they are even more easy to spot. Sadly, I don’t take my camera to work, so all of the pictures below are courtesy of my favourite website, canberrabirds.org.au. I have tried to attribute the pictures as best I can.

There are spotted pardalotes:

by Harvey Perkins

by Harvey Perkins

Superb fairy-wrens (although being winter, they are not as blue):

Superb Fairy-Wren

by Geoffrey Dabb

Crimson Rosellas:

Crimson Rosella

by David Cook

Eastern Rosellas (always in pairs):

Eastern Rosella

by Julian Robinson

King parrots (male and female):

King-Parrot male

King-Parrot female by Peter Fullagar

Red wattle birds:

Red Wattlebird

by Helen Fallow

Eastern spinebills:

Eastern Spinebill

by David Cook

And crested pigeons:

Crested Pigeons

by Julian Robinson

Last year, I was fortunate enough to save a female Superb Parrot from certain death after it flew into a window, and all dazed, the magpies decended on it:

Female Superb Parrot

by David Cook

And the fine folks over at RSPCA nursed her back to life, ensured she had no concussion, and finally released her back in the vicinity of my work. Apparently, Superb Parrots tend to mate for life, and her little boy would have been very happy to have her back. I have seen the boy as well, but they are not around at the moment.

When I went for my walk on Wednesday, I saw a Golden whistler:

Golden Whistler

by Lindsay Hansch

I have also seen lots red-browed finches in the past.

What a delectable feast for us bird nuts.



1. Hielke - 6 July 2013

You can use my pictures! See flickr
I miss only 2 of them!

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