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Christmas longing 28 November 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Christmas, Life.

It is the end of November (if I may be so bold as to state the obvious).

And this morning, I had my first glimmer of Christmas feeling. Because I was texting a friend in Norway, and she was describing her evening.

Here in Australia, the sun is shining, and it is getting ever warmer (despite the La Nina warning which will cause December to be slightly cooler than the long term average apparently, and very wet).

I just cannot seem to get used to a warm Christmas. I can deal with the topsy turvyness of having winter in June/July, but I just cannot shake the abnormality of having Christmas during summer. All those cold winter nights, fireplaces roaring, snowball fights, darkness descending. All the little lights everywhere, Christmas decorations staving off the cold, miserably dark nights. There was a reason why Christmas was invented (or rather, that it coincided with winter solstice) and that was to keep spirits up during the long hard slog that was winter. Something to look forward to, something to help you through.

This year, it is all a little out of place. There are the Christmas lights and the Jingle Bells and the I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas playing. There are the manic Christmas shoppers and the commercial rush to entice you with specials and late night shopping. But I am yet to feel Christmassy.

Living in Australia is like being on a permanent summer vacation.

So I am asking my dear readers now – how will I get into that Christmas spirit? Any tips are welcome. Only three days to advent…


1. Hielke - 28 November 2011

Come with us to Julianadorp just prior Xmas 🙂

uggclogs - 28 November 2011

I wish I could! 🙂 Enjoy!

2. annegreye - 28 November 2011

Have you tried decorating your residence with winter fragrances? Since scent is the strongest link we have with memory, perhaps it would help if you got some sugar cookie or pine scented candles to bring to mind that wintery christmaa feeling.

uggclogs - 28 November 2011

That is a lovely idea! I like it. I’ll have to buy some pine scented wunderbaum and bake some cookies, or something. Thanks for the suggestion!

annegreye - 28 November 2011

No problem. I know what it’s like to not be feeling the holidays for whatever reason, and those things always seem to help.

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