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Learning something new every day 10 November 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

I love that moment where my eyebrows furrow, my gaze becomes more intent, and I tilt my head to the right to re-read something I have come across on the internet.

Somehow, doing these things, makes me feel like I will have a better grasp on the information presented to me the second time I read it.

But it is not the tilting and the furrowed brow that excite me, it is a little morsel of information I have never before come across, and that I never before considered. This is especially true for things that I think I am familiar with.

Take today’s example:


I think I know honey. I have it every day on my breakfast, and my uncle has (many times) explained the honey bees that he has in the garden. At school, we were taught how honey is created by bees that collect nectar from flowers and bring it back to their Queen. I know that when you take the honey, you should give the bees some other food to eat. And I know that honey is gooey, sticky, yellow, clear, and deliciously fragrant. The smell and taste of honey depends on what flowers the nectar was withdrawn from.

And I read somewhere that honey is the only food stuff that never goes off (although I have not tested this premise).

But today, there was some serious head tilting happening when I read about “honey laundring” (HT: Kottke).

Turns out that honey has micro particles of pollen that can identify the origin. You can remove these particles (with a really tight meshed filter I presume) but if you do, your honey will no longer be classed as honey in the US! Fascinating bit of protectionism that I was completely unaware of.






1. Lizeth - 11 November 2011


Head tilting story!

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