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Memories of Australian spring 4 November 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

Upon my return to Australia, I was thrilled to share the wattle trees and their abundant flowers with anyone who would listen. The fantastic yellow bursting forth against the deep blue Australian sky was almost too much for me to handle – it was just such a wonderful way to be welcomed back to Australia. Never mind the cold mornings with frost on the lawns of parliament house – it was the wattle that made me feel welcome. Wikipedia has the following specimen for me to share:

Then, we went bush walking in the mountains, where there were the smells of Australia (wattles, fresh air, melting snow, eucalypts, earth) mixed with its sounds (bird calls, wind rushing through trees, creaking branches, and brooks and creeks gurgling) and sights. We walked all the way up to the top of Mount Gingera, where you can discern Canberra in the distance on one side, and Kosciusko national park (famous for skiing) on the other. (Again, thank you wikipedia for the below picture)

Again, bright blue skies, this time with the contrast of the melting, white snow. After three years in relatively polluted skies and few days where you could physically see the sun (although you could certainly feel it!), to be back in a city that boasts around 300 days of blue skies per year, and to have the bush, loneliness and true beauty so available at your doorstep has just been bliss.

And the nights that we have had rain have been wonderfully cleansing, leaving a crisp, defined rainbow arching through the sky.

And then there’s the birds (thanks wikipedia);

The Cockatoos, with their screetching overhead

Magpies, with their gurgling whistles and song

Choughs, with their busy foraging for food

Flame Robins, with their wonderful colouring

Red Wattlebirds, chasing each other through the bushes

Currawongs, sitting on our Hills Hoise in the backyard watching our every move

Rosellas, in all their splendour

King Parrots, sitting together on the grass in complete domestic bliss as you walk past,

and all sorts of other birds.

And, finally, the one thing I miss about spring on the Gold Coast – Jacarandas.

We just booked some to go to Brisbane on a quick trip soon. And when I realised we would be there for the Jacaranda season, my heart skipped a couple of beats. Oh, how I have missed the purple carpet of little blooms under the tree with the lilac canopy. Oh, bliss.

One of my favourite memories from the Gold Coast was driving out towards Springbrook in November, when the road curled around underneath the biggest Jacaranda I had ever seen, with branches literally enveloping the street underneath. It simply took my breath away.

In spring, when the Jacarandas throughout Brisbane are dropping their blanket of flowers everywhere, the Queensland Art Gallery collects the blooms and spreads them out in front of this painting:

So although I know the Jacaranda is not a native, how could you but have a soft spot for it?



1. buddhafulkat - 4 November 2011

sounds heavenly – you’re making me want to move to Australia and we’ve never been there =)

2. Anonymous - 5 November 2011

Lovely! Since I saw those pictures of the Jacaranda some years back, I always wanted to go to Brisbane one day. How can one not have a soft spot for things purple?

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