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Morning blues 7 September 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Happiness, Life.

Some mornings, you wake up really early. Just for no particular reason.

I woke up realising that I had forgotten to set my alarm. Slightly concerned, I looked at my phone, and realised that I had woken up 15 minutes before the alarm normally goes off.

“Take that, technology,” I thought. “Body clock strikes again! No need for fancy spancy shmancy dingelings that wake _me_ up in the morning!”

After a short celebration of the fact that I was so amazing (and a little bit awesome) I smuggly stayed in bed, intending to reward my uncanny ability to wake up by myself by keeping warm under the covers for the additional fifteen minutes, and get up without snooze button or other technology-based superfluous nonsense.

And I promptly fell asleep again.

Only to wake up exactly an hour later, or, rather, exactly 14 minutes before I was due to step out of the house and head to my bus.

What a difference a teeny weeny hour makes.

I can easily get ready in 45 minutes, which is my average time in the morning.

I sometimes negotiate this down to 30 minutes on mornings where I am feeling particularly snoozeworthy, bartering with myself about what parts of the morning routine I am willing to forego in exchange for ‘five (read fifteen) more minutes’.

Apparently, though, I can do it in 14 minutes, too. Priorities were cut or stayed in the routine as follows:

– Swear due to lack of time to get ready? Stay.

– Shower? Definitely stay.

– Wash hair? Quick assessment on state of play, conclusion: not essential. Cut. MUST wash tomorrow.

– Get dressed? Stay (just).

– Make up? Cut.

– Brush hair? Stay.

– Feed dogs? Not their fault I am late, and also not my dogs, so very responsible for the little (erhm) darlings. Sit. I mean, stay.

– Breakfast? Cut. But a mueslibar will do.

– Realise I have an appointment at the gym after work. Swear some more. Pack gym gear that I should have packed the night before. Stay.

– Make healthy, nutritional lunch? Cut.

– Grab apple, pear and mandarins for snacks? Stay.

– Check email, news, facebook, twitter, internet as a whole? Cut, cut, cut, cut.

– Deodorant? Stay. Definitely stay.

– Kiss partner goodbye, wish him a good day? Absolute stay. I’d rather miss the bus than not say goodbye to him.

– Grab keys, and umbrella in case of rain? Stay.

– Run out the door, locking it behind me, realising I left my gym gear, turn around and grab it? Stay.

– Run to bus, and get there in time to catch my breath? Stay.

So clearly, my food intake suffered a little from my time constraints this morning. But I was in luck: at lunch time, there were left-over sandwiches at work from a conference, so I had a very healthy and nutritious lunch after all.

Now, I do not enjoy the stress that comes with running late, and I don’t deal that well with avoidable stress. But I do like the fact that I can get relatively organised in 14 minutes and still catch my bus.

Unfortunately, my phone remained next to my bed at home…



1. Anonymous - 8 September 2011

Is it possible that you do all that in your sleep (albeit the goodbye part) and wake up fresh in the bus? I would love if it can be done!

uggclogs - 8 September 2011

That would be nice (and far more efficient). Although you might be right – that may be a contributing factor to forgetting the phone at home…

2. Anonymous - 8 September 2011

And I don’t think you should leave the dogs hungry 🙂

uggclogs - 13 September 2011

I agree… That is just horrifying.

3. Lizeth - 9 September 2011

14 minutes? Very Well Done! 😉 😉

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