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Twins working out 31 August 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Happiness, Height.

Oh… I know I am inviting a whole host of creepy Google searches to land on my blog with that title… Let’s see if it can outdo “IKEA in Hanoi”, which has been my most frequent Google search redirection for almost a year now.

But to what I was planning on writing – Canberra has a whole bunch of gyms. They have sprouted like wild flowers after rain since we have been away, and there is one on every second corner of our local shops and nodes.

I have also signed back up with “my” gym (the same one I used to be a member of three years ago) and am trying to use it relatively often.

There are many reasons for using the gym. Get fit and healthy, and people watching are probably my top two reasons for going. I know, I know, you are not supposed to look at what others are doing to avoid people geting self-conscious and thereby not caming back, but I need something to do to keep my mind occupied. Most of the time, I like listening in on the personal trainers talking to their trainees, to see if I can pick up some extra training tips and advice.

I am the lingering creepy woman.

But it’s all good natured, and I try not to make people uncomfortable. Much.

This week, I saw the twins.

Imagine the twins from The Social Network (the delightful movie from 2010 about Facebook and its origins, which, apparently, at least got the t-shirts of Zuckerberg right). You know, the ones that have the most redonkulous line (referring to hiring the Sopranos to beat someone up): “We can do that ourselves. I’m 6’5″, 220, and there’s two of me.”

Again, whether it is true that they said that or not might be debatable (it makes for a memorable movie quote all the same), but it was the line that flew into my head when I saw the twins at the gym.

They were tall (not quite 6’5, but what the heck – for this yarn, they can be), blond, muscly and, above all, identical. It was creepy and mesmorising, and I am sure they knew that. They were strutting their stuff walking into the weightslifting area, and everyone did a double take (literally). They were not exactly good looking, but it felt as if I had been sucked into a Hollywood universe.

Two ginourmous, scandinavian-looking, gym-going, identical men lifting weights? Comic gold!

I wonder how many other gym goers were trying to remember the above quote at the same time as me!


1. buddhafulkat - 2 September 2011

your posts always make me smile =)

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