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Pork Rillettes Sandwich 23 August 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

Being back in Australia has made me very excited about being back in the kitchen and cooking. Last week, I had a craving for rillettes, and decided that it might be fun to try and make it myself. Rillettes can be made from a variety of meat (I have had rabbit, pork and duck rillettes) but the simplest and most delicious (in my mind) is the humble pork variety.

It is basically shredded pork, but some of the pork goes through a food blender to make it smoother, and thus making it more of a spread.

The rillettes I made turned out alright, but I will have to play with the recipe a little to make them better. For example, I used chicken stock for cooking the rillettes when in fact white wine is better. I also did not have bay leaves on hand and the local supermarket did not stock juniper berries, which supposedly are delishious to use in the preparation of the spread. Finally, I did not use the right cut of pork (again, the local supermarket failed me) or put enough of the pork through the processor, so it was slightly too chunky.

Once I have a perfect recipe, I will share it with you. Feel free to google a recipe if you cannot wait for this, of course! In the mean time, I will share with you the delicious Sandwiches that I have been making with the rillettes.

Pork Rillettes Sandwich

– Wholemeal or multigrain bun
– Pork rillettes
– Whole grain mustard
– Baby spinach leaves
– Rocket leaves
– Pickled gherkins (preferably the tiny cornichon veriety)

– Spread rillettes on one side of the bread bun. Don’t be shy – the more the better in this respect.
– Spread the wholegrain mustard liberally on the other side of the bun. More if you love mustard, less if you are not a great fan.
– Pile on a handful of the leaves, and make sure they cover the rillettes.
– Add some cornichons (I add up to 5) around the bun.

Good enough for a sandwich bar, this.




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