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Easter treats #2 27 March 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Baking, Easter.

Time for another one of my easter treats, this time by request.

Next to the Pistoletjes (which are hard, small buns that we always ate for breakfast), we would also bake “tijgerbolletjes”, or tiger buns.

They are so called, because of the wonderful pattern that is supposed to form at the top of the bun, slightly (and with large amounts of imagination) reminiscent of tiger stripes. Honestly, they should probably have been named giraffe buns. But that ain’t quite as sexy, I suppose. So here goes:


Tiger buns

– 500 g plain flour
– 25 g fresh yeast (or the equivalent of dry yeast, about 1 sachet, 7-8 grams)
– 10 g salt
– 18 g sugar
– 15 g butter
– 290 g luke-warm water

– 100 g rice flour
– 7 g of fresh yeast (2 g dry)
– 5 g sugar
– 2 g salt
– 70 ml olive oil
– luke-warm water

225 degrees Celsius, 30 min, 15 buns

– Make the tiger spread first (the ingredients below the line).  Mix all the dry ingredients, add the oil. Use a couple of spoons of water in the mix if it is too thick. It should be syrupy and gluey.
– Make the dough for the bread, leave to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes.
– Knead the dough, then divide into about 15 equal parts. Roll these into buns.
– Dip the top of the buns in the tiger spread, then place them, spread up, on a baking tray.
– Brush the sides of the buns with water to ensure that the bun will bake evenly even with the tiger spread on top.
– Leave to rise under for 50 minutes.
– Bake with steam for 30 minutes (add a large, oven-proof container to the oven).


More recipes to come!



1. Hielke Kamps - 27 March 2011

What’s next? Zuikerbrood?

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