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More on trees 22 March 2011

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Yesterday’s post about trees made me remember another little anecdote I heard recently.

When I was back in the Netherlands, I met this fantastic old lady. She was bright, 91 years old, and had a real twinkle in her eye. She was about five-foot flat, and she had been a doctor in her working life.

She had us all in stitches as she was telling us her stories on being a “house doctor” early on in her career, when she delivered over 30 children in the town where she worked. She was joking that the mattress used to be about eye height for her, and during deliveries, she used to crawl up onto the bed with the woman who was in labour to be able to assist the delivery.

However, she mused, going from house to house was not for her, and she soon changed her vocation to private practice, as whenever she went on a house visit, they were always serving her tea and coffee. And she couldn’t refuse, of course. But there were not very many trees along the road she normally travelled.

From the twinkle in her eye, the subtext was clear – she had to give up her job as a house doctor to accommodate her bladder.



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