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Only in Vietnam #13 16 February 2011

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As I have mentioned before, this might not be strictly something that could only happen in Vietnam. But since I have not ridden a motorbike elsewhere, it still fits in this category for me.

Late last week, I was riding along behind a Vietnamese man on his motorbike. We were not far apart, my front wheel was about the same height as his back wheel, but I certainly was not in his field of vision. Riding in Vietnam is like skiing: you keep an eye on everything and everyone in front of you, everyone behind you keeps an eye on you. Many bikes don’t even have mirrors, and if they do, they are sometimes adjusted so the rider can see their own face (look ma, I look cool!) rather than anything behind them. No lie!

So, riding along beside/ behind this man, I was of course aware of him, but he was not aware of me.

That’s when it happened.

Out of nowhere, this man sneezes over his left shoulder. And yes, I ride straight through the mist of sneeze.

I think to myself – that’s it. I have managed to avoid the flu (with great stealth and some sneaking around) so far this year. But now I’ve got it.

Sure enough – I was sick on Saturday. And Sunday. And Monday and Tuesday. I am finally back at work now, on Wednesday. But man, was I knocked on my backside with this flu.


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