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On Blogging 15 January 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

I know I had promised delicious updates about our recent travels. Tales of wonderful people, food and gluhwein. Impressions and deep (?) insights into experiences. It was going to be my payment for not blogging while on the road, I was going to make a real effort. However, for the last week, my Bavaria Blog has been sitting in my drafts, unfinished, uninspired.

It was not that we did not have a good time, it has been absolutely amazing. But back home in Australia, the floods have been affecting a lot of people we know. The footage from Toowoomba was terrifying.

And on Wednesday, as I was at the airport waiting for my brother to arrive, I received a phone call from a colleague with the worst news I have heard over the past year of working in Vietnam.

So the half-finished blog will have to wait a little longer, as we deal with all the emotions that are running through. Having my brother here is great, and I am excited about that. But in the mean time, Bavaria must wait, and so must you.


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