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Wonderful start to the working year 4 January 2011

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

I work in an office of the most generous of people. There is always some food going around, or birthday cake to be shared. Sometimes, there are strange little dried fruit. Other times, it’s seasonal Vietnamese fruit or other local treats which I normally always give a try (although I drew the line at seafood before lunch, my stomach can’t handle dodgy prawns at 9:30 in the morning).

The best habit, though, is that whenever you go away, you bring something back for the office. Which means local delicacies like chewy peanut cakes or the above mentioned prawn steamed in rice goo in banana leaf (actually very good, but not at 9:30).

This morning, two of us returned from Europe. So there is (and I am not kidding) over a kilo worth of chocolates in the office. Twix and Maltesers (tease me, tease me) from Ireland and Milka Schoko Carver and Mozartkugln from Austria.

What a deliciously unhealthy start to 2011. I wonder how many resolutions are broken on the first day of the new year at work.



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