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Hoo-Ha Explained 16 November 2010

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Yesterday’s post caused a bit of a ruffling of some feathers, which was completely unintentional!

The post was meant as two things:

1) I discovered this other city, called HCMC, in Vietnam, and I liked it.


2) I am still incredibly happy to live in Hanoi, because it has given me so much.

I am surprised that people read it as a big ol’ whinge from an expat. Yes, I admitted to finding Hanoi difficult to deal with sometimes. However, I put this down to what someone told me on one of my first days in Hanoi:

Hanoi will be the same every single day, the only thing that changes is how well you deal with it.

Yes, I am spoilt here.

Yes, there are aspects of my life now (travel, standard of living, etc.) that are far better than before.

But yes, there are still things that I find difficult, too. BUT that is part of the adventure, part of the experience. I did not mean to complain. I am blessed and thrilled to be here.



1. Steve Jackson - 16 November 2010

I didn’t think it was taken as a whinge at all. If so then there are a lot worse whingers out there (including myself frequently).

I think feather ruffling was a bit strong – I think a couple of people disagreed with a single statement on HCMC – but not particularly strongly.

2. lizeth - 18 November 2010

A whinge?
I see it more as balancing daily life activities. Fascinating. It keeps you sane! Love you 🙂

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