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Blast from the Past 28 August 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Art, Books, Life.
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When I was young, I moved around quite a bit. And English is not my first language. Although that did not stop me from trying.

My friend from back then uncovered an old stash of letters yesterday, and scanned them for me to see. It is mostly cringeworthy, an insight to the capacities of a nine year old child. But the poetry!

I simply must share with you what might be the first poem still extant that I ever composed in English.

Whrait upp end down

Den jou see

Dat i’m love jou

love jou mee?

Oh yes. True class. Thank you for sharing, old friend.


1. lizeth - 8 September 2010

WOW! Sweet, my dad wrote this poem many years ago in my poezie album, in Dutch of course:
Lees jou hou jou!
op ik jij van
en zeg van hou
neer dan mij ik
He added a dutch saying which is nowadays absolutely political incorrect: een tevreden roker is geen onruststoker 😉
Hopefully the poem will keep the up-down lay out when the comment is posted.
Love U!

uggclogs - 12 September 2010

ah! so that’s where my 10 year old self found it! This explains a lot. But my English remains atrocious.

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