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Vietnamese less? 16 August 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

My least favourite moment in Hanoi recently:

I was at the petrol station, and asked for petrol worth 40,000. In Vietnamese 40,000 is bon muoi nghin (with tones, of course). A random guy who was at the petrol station, burst out laughing, and mimicked my pronunciation by going “bon bon bon” (but with the same tones as me) in a clear mocking tone.

Who does that? Who tries to discourage someone from learning their language by paying them out?

Goes to show there are jackasses everywhere.

What made my day, though? The petrol pumping guy, who was actually the one there to help me, gave me an apologetic “I-cannot-believe-he-did-that” kind of look.

Goes to show that a jackass is a jackass, even in the eyes of those they are trying to be funny for.



1. HJK - 16 August 2010

Hey, asses will be asses. Don’t let ’em get to you, Uggclogs!

2. Truc - 27 August 2010

Don’t be discouraged! I am told my Vietnamese is very good for a foreigner, when in fact, I am Vietnamese. I just left the coutry at a young age. There are idiots everywhere!

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