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Vietnamese much? 10 August 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Happiness, Vietnam.
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My two favourite moments in Hanoi over the last couple of days:

1. A cabbie whom I had a remarkably fluent conversation with (proving to myself that my Vietnamese is actually not that bad) wanted to charge me LESS than what it read on the metre. Reason? Due to traffic congestion, he was unable to drop me to the door, and he had enjoyed the conversation so much!

2. Today, a motorbike guard thought my Vietnamese was so good that he asked how long I had been in Vietnam. On being told that I’d been here two years already, he looked flabbegasted (oh, what a flatterer!) and asked if my mother was Vietnamese! Yes, he wanted to know if the 1m88 woman was half Vietnamese!

Smooth talker, he was. But thank you, I will take that compliment.



1. HJK - 10 August 2010

Aw… They just like you 🙂

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