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Friendship 5 August 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

I like my friendships organic, no fuss. No added sugar, no preservatives.

I like friendships that are non-committal, low maintenance. I don’t mind if a friend disappears from my life for a couple of weeks, and pops back up later on, picking up where we left off without a single hiccup.

My friendships mostly develop slowly over time, almost without me even noticing. It takes a lot of time for me to ask for someone’s number, and to meet them one on one. My highest success rate is when I see people a little, often. I build trust slowly.

Because of this, I don’t have many friends, and the ones I have I like to keep. So this week I am sad. One of my best friends here in Hanoi is about to head back to Australia.

She has been a great friend and a wonderful sounding board. She will listen to my stories, and (perhaps most of all) laugh at my stupid jokes. I am not a funny person, but I love it when others give me the impression of being one.

We share common interests, like reading and writing. She is one of the most pleasant people to be around, because she is softly spoken, fun, outgoing. She loves trying new things, travelling, art.

But I will have to do without her for the following year.

This makes me sad.

At the same time, I am sure we will pick up again where we left the next time we are in the same city. So I will just have to learn to cope. I’ll miss you, friend!



1. allfinehere10 - 6 August 2010

Lovely sentiments and lovely words. Thank you! I feel honoured to be counted amongst your friends and have enjoyed all our various opportunities for discussion – and plenty of laughs! You will be so much missed too and I am sure that we will catch up where we left off when next we meet!

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