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Recommended for drinking 19 July 2010

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Via the Language Log, I found this little gem:

Now, if that doesn’t make you feel like sake, nothing will.

But it also reminded me of a similar wine review I found in an Indian restaurant here in Hanoi. The picture I have is still on my phone, and was never transferred to my computer, so no love there. But the transcript is as follows:

“Our Santiago Merlot display a ruby colour, with strawberry, raspberry, and licorice scents, as well as hints of methol. On the well balanced. This is a young and light varietal, which allows itself to be tested, ideal (no full stop)”

Lovely. I will have the methol, please.


1. mel harjono - 21 July 2010

ha! i’ve seen weird translations and writings by non-english speakers and generally give it a pass.

but i find it amusing when it’s written by (presumably) native english speaker in the U.S. for example, a neighborhood italian restaurant near my house boasts “long tubular pasta finessed with guanciale, … & anointed with white truffle oil”

i’m loving your stories… i read them to get a sense of the country before going to Vietnam. earlier this July I visited HCMC and Hanoi. had such a good time, I want to come back for another trip.

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