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Hurtful 28 June 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

Sometimes, people say things that can be very hurtful.

Sometimes it can be due to cultural differences, like when a person gets called fat or tall, or white, or hairy, or whatever, in a country like Vietnam. They are genuinely surprised if you express your hurt in these cases, because to them it is socially acceptable, especially because it is a statement of fact. It is not culturally acceptable to tell white lies to save other people’s feelings.

Other times, it might be due to a language barrier of the speaker, or perhaps even a difference in their sense of humour. Like when I was told last week by someone that they knew another Dutch person who “was exactly like me, except she was pretty.”

Or when it is just downright, barefaced mean, like when I was 15 and a person I had regarded as a friend said “is it true that really pretty girls have extremely ugly friends? Because if it is, can you introduce me to your friends?”

And you just keep thinking “water off a duck’s back. Let it just roll off you. Don’t listen. Don’t care.”

But sometimes, words stick with you…



1. lizeth - 28 June 2010

….and hurt.
Most of the time the core of proverbs and sayings are really true! But not in the following dutch saying: “schelden doet geen zeer, slaan veel meer”. As you say, words stick with someone too and can injure just like a blow! Love you 😉

2. Joe - 19 July 2010

You know the guy from the movie who walks around and hears people’s thoughts? He would find himself pretty redundant in Vietnam.

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