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Too generous 18 June 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.
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I was unlucky last night. Not only did I only happen to have large bills on me (which tend to happen with large bills, because I never seem to spend enough in one go to warrant to break them) and I was out to dinner with Australians.

Don’t get me wrong, Australians are great. But I ended up getting paid out tremendously. Why? Because when it came to paying the bill, I firstly had to break my 500,000 dong bill. Then, I tried to pay my share (90,000) with a 100,000 dong bill, and casually added – “oh, don’t worry, it can be the tip”.

“Tip? Don’t be ridiculous! Tip is already included in the 90,000!”

I was then called a big spender, a rich lout who throws my money around and a show off. Not a single ‘generous’ or ‘kind’ or ‘well-meaning’ coming my way.

All for a measly 10,000. Which, if you care to know, is the equivalent of about 60 Australian Cents, or $0.60…


1. Chris - 19 June 2010

Seriously, that’s because they are tightwads, not because they are Australian. We often eat out in Hanoi with Australians and they are very generous.

uggclogs - 22 June 2010

I know. They were just paying me out, though šŸ˜‰ I love Aussies.

2. HJK - 20 June 2010

Aw, that’s sort of mad.

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