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Backpackers Delight 10 June 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Happiness, Travelling, Vietnam.
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You can spot them from miles away, with their brown, tanned skin glistening in the sun, their locks casually bleached from sun and lazy afternoons by pools and on beaches, slightly matting together, not quite dreads, not quite washed.

Their hippie style tattered rags that were probably picked up in Thailand, hanging off them, tired from too many washes – the sad fate of the one set of clothes packed for the journey.

Their feet are always in sandals, neatly covering tanlines from too much wear.

Reluctantly, I feel a slight moment of judgement – for perhaps no other reason than that I myself never trekked the world with only a backpack and a tiny budget. He’s sitting there, on the back of his xe om (motorbike taxi for the uninitiated), probably his first day in Hanoi. I roll my eyes a little.

But then, the youngen turns to his friend on the xe om behind him, to that girl who is clinging on to the rail on the motorbike for dear life. And I catch his expression.

It is one of pure exhilaration, pure joy of adventure. His perfect white teeth flash across his sunkissed face. And that one moment, I feel a strange mix of jealousy (ah, to relive that first moment on a motorbike) and pride (that joy is caused by this wonderful city I call home)!

That one moment made me smile at his youthful wonderment. How I wish I could feel that way again.

So, goodbye backpacker dude. May your travels always fill you with wonder and joy. And enjoy this city for what it is!

Thank you for starting my day off with a smile!



1. HJK - 11 June 2010

Awesome stuff, sis 🙂

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