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Hoa Binh Getaway 8 June 2010

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Hanoi is fantastic. It is loud, crazy and fun. It is busy, crowded and noisy. It has moments of insanity (see my “Only in Vietnam” series if you don’t believe me), and moments of great confusion. It is everything I ever imagined Asia to be, growing up far away in Europe.

But for all of the above reasons, I love to get out of Hanoi from time to time.

Last weekend, my partner and I went to Hoa Binh, the first province south of Ha Noi Province. Luong Son is about 40 kilometres south of the centre of Hanoi, but due to Hanoi Province’s recent expansion, it is actually only about 3 km south of the Hanoi border.

Luong Son itself is nothing much to write home about – it is a typical Vietnamese town with rice fields and a market and friendly locals who love to chat. All good things, of course. But just outside of Luong Son is a lovely little French eco-resort which harbours a lot of potential. It is quiet, relaxed, easy to reach by motorbike, and with lots of nature.

Rice fields, ducks, butterflies, birds, buffaloes. Lovely surroundings for walks or rides. And again, those perpetually friendly locals who love nothing more than to strike up a conversation with the Westerners, laughing and joking away.

During lunch, we spent our time looking at three kittens wrestling, until one of them accidentally fell in the pool, and all of them scattered away. Nothing was in much of a hurry, which made it a lovely little hideaway.

I napped. Read my book. Explored.

And on my way home I collected so much dust from the road on my skin, clothes and bike that I looked like a terracotta statue, but I am ready to handle that crazy Hanoi that I love so much for a while longer.



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