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My mum 25 May 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Happiness, Life.

My mum and I are more alike than I cared to admit for a long time. And it’s not just that we look alike, which we do, but our tempraments are very similar.

This may have caused a few clashes growing up, trying to find my feet around such an amazing and strong woman. But I know deep in my heart that no one has better intentions for me than her.

Now, I truely enjoy her company. I respect her views and opinions, although we still don’t always agree. But that is not the point, because we most likely never will. The point is that we listen and allow for these differences.

I can speak to my mother about anything, nothing is an awkward topic. And we sometimes talk for over an hour on the phone, just to catch up.

During my time in France as a 15 year old, the most homesick I ever got was one day when I was calling home, and the connection broke. I had never felt more lonely.

And the advice mum gives, when I started to care to listen, is more often than not just what I needed to hear!

Thank you, mum!



1. Lizeth - 26 May 2010

Thanks 🙂 Love you too!

2. Hielke - 27 May 2010


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