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Blind Choir 23 May 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Happiness, Vietnam.

On Friday night, my partner and I were invited to come to the rehearsals held for a blind choir here in Hanoi. We hopped on the motorbike, drove down south, and found the school where the rehearsals were being held. I walked into the room with little notion of what I could expect.

We were literally met with open arms by the choir conductor, who turned out to be the warmest, friendliest man you could imagine. He is a highly talented man who plays the piano, and runs the choir together with a soprano who has won international acclaim for her voice.

When we walked in, we saw that they were rehearsing with a German lady whom I happen to know from my own choir. So we sat down and listened to the choir learn a new song, in German. With the help and pronunciation guidance from the German lady, they picked up the song fast and sang it in four parts.

The choir was made up of four male voices, and around seven female voices. They learn the music by heart by reading Braille while singing. And they sing in Vietnamese, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and more! I was completely blown away with the enthusiasm of the members of the choir, but even more so, the talent of the singers.

We were seated next to two young men whose voices were strong, clear and beautiful. I couldn’t help but never wanting it to finish, I wanted to hear more.

The school where they rehearse is by no means high tech, but the music room was well equipped (some of the equipment had donation stickers from Japan Aid on them) and although the power supply is intermittent at best (it dropped out while we were there, but came back on again), we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

What a marvelous start to our weekend.



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