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Surprising cat-call 17 May 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Height, Vietnam.
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I recently told a friend of mine that I had had the pleasure of being cat called while back in the UK in March. And I say that completely without sarcasm, it was in fact a pleasure, because it never happens to me.

You see, being a 1m88 (6’2) tall woman in a country where the average height for women is 1m53 (5’0) and for men is 1m65 (5’5), and being told daily that I am so fat, I am not exactly the measurements that most men find attractive in Vietnam. Luckily, I am here with the most wonderful partner, so I am not in the market for male attention.

But imagine my surprise this Saturday.

I was walking along a main street in the French Quarter trying to hail a taxi, after having had a few drinks after the big performance at the Opera House.

I was probably looking quite dainty in my full length evening gown, which I was hitching up to prevent it from dragging along the dusty streets of Hanoi. It is elegant with a rather plunging neck line.

A truck driver passing by startis honking his horn, but if you’ve ever been to Hanoi, the sound of honking is part of the soundscape, and I did not even flinch. Then, he hangs our of his cab, starts whisteling, hooting, and generally making lots of noise towards me.

Which makes the entire street turn around.

And join in! I consequently had about ten men hooting and whisteling at me! It was a most surreal experience!

I did what I always do when nervous – hold my head up high, hurry on, and hail the next best taxi that comes along.


1. Grace - 18 May 2010

With a dress like that, any girl would get cat-called.

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