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IKEA in Hanoi 6 May 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Vietnam.
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Yes, you would not believe it, but I went to the local IKEA. It is located on Thanh Mien street, near the Temple of Literature.

If you are at all familiar with Hanoi (and IKEAs for that matter) you might very well wonder how there could possibly be one so close to the centre of Hanoi. And that is what is the most funny about this store – it is in fact like any other store in Vietnam! Its floor space is about 3 by 3 metres in area, completely full of IKEA products (but mostly only one example of each item, as opposed to the copious amounts of stuff in normal IKEA warehouses).

What they do, is give you a catalogue to look at, and they tell you that you can order whatever you want from it. They will then order and deliver to your house (again, very un-IKEA-esque). But apart from the cluttered feeling, it is actually rather liberating to just have the catalogue to choose from. No arrows on the ground to weave you through a myriad of choice, just simple pictures with prices and descriptions.

I only came away with some Tupperware, but I expect to go back sometime soon. The only thing I did miss was the play room – but they haven’t allowed me to go into it for years now, so I suppose there is not much to miss about that.

Being Hanoi, it is probably not legit. But it was actually a relatively undramatic shopping experience.



1. DeNae - 6 May 2010

IKEA is my favorite place to live. I don’t intend to live there; I just get lost every time I shop there, until finally I stumble across a big bag of Danish butter cookies and curl up on a giant poof pillow and settle in til spring.

So I’m thinking that, in terms of being able to continue with my pre-IKEA life, the Hanoi model makes the most sense. Although my sense of direction is so appalling, I would likely still wind up tucked in a corner, waiting for the search and rescue team to find me.

uggclogs - 17 May 2010

You would like this one, then. 🙂

2. lizeth - 24 May 2010

I can imagine how it looks like: this Vietnam Ikea. Reminds me of the Vietnam “Blokker” departments in your street….all kind of household necessities on a bicycle. Just the wheels and the hat of the seller visible. 😉

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