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Brazilian Airlines leading the way? 18 March 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

Please, please, PLEASE let this be something that more airlines will start offering!

According to this article, Brazilian airlines will have to start ranking the space that their seat allows – telling their customers exactly how much space they will have for their knees.

For small to average sized people, this will not really affect them – a few extra centimetres for their knees will have no impact on them. However, for us above average sods that like to travel as well, the difference between an ‘A’ rated seat (where you would be afforded 73 cm of head-rest to head-rest space) and an ‘E’ rated seat (less than 67 cm) is huge, and the comfort for the passenger is severely impacted. Those few extra centimetres could in fact be the difference between a normal flight and an extremely painful one – including a greater risk for DVT.

But I suppose, until the airlines all adopt this system (which will probably never happen) I will have to continue hoping for an exit row seat. And for those people who are even taller than me – I suppose the extra 6 cm afforded, even on ‘A’ class travel, will not be enough to allow you to be comfortable.

Now, if only airlines could also come up with a system of allowing seats to recline without encroaching on the space of the person behind them (at least at knee level) I would be a much happier traveller, as I will no longer have to explain to every single person in front of me that no, they can not in fact recline their seat, because I am just too tall. I know that this ruins your flight – please talk to the airline, it is not exactly my fault that I have good genes.



1. hjk - 19 March 2010

Good genes and long jeans. (groan)

I’ll get me coat.

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