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Norwegian Comedienne 4 March 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.
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Anne-Kat Hærland has been famous for being one of the funniest Norwegian comedians since before I left Norway 8 years ago. And the kick-off to her latest show (Big Bang) had me grinning from ear to ear.

She set out to show a man – in this case her comedy partner in the show, Dagfinn Lyngbø – how painful childbirth is. The results are lots of swearing on the part of Dagfinn (swearing is far more acceptable in Norway than in other cultures, and so there is lots of it on television) and quite an entertaining show.

Now, they do not by far pertain to be scientific here, so feel free to disregard the ‘evidence’ – it’s just meant to be funny.

They take Dagfinn to a Norwegian hospital early in the morning. The idea is that they will hook him up to this machine that simulates contractions, and have him experience the feeling of childbirth (without actually passing a child through his private parts). On the way to the hospital, they are talking about giving birth, and how Dagfinn’s own mother experienced it. He confesses to having no idea, so Anne-Kat suggests that he should call her.

“Mum, I am on my way to give birth.”


After explaining the exercise, he asks his mother what childbirth was like for her.

“It (add expletive) hurts!”

So, the day is off to a good start. But the really funny part is that they brought in a test-case, a young lady who has three children. They hook her up to the machine first, and while she is lying there talking about the contractions (that feels like very light contractions (20 milliampere), now it feels like labour is starting (40 mA) and this feels like labour (60 mA)) she is clearly not 100% comfortable, but she is capable of clear, defined speech.

When poor old Dagfinn is brought in and hooked up to the same machine, he is clearly struggling with 20 mA, and hilarity ensues when it is subsequently turned up to 40 and 60 mA. The poor man is swearing and moaning, and clearly in a whole lot of discomfort. And Anne-Kat is not someone to hold back, so she is cruel enough to laugh and make fun of him the whole way through.

He does have a nice comeback, though, when Anne-Kat says at the end;

“I think you can agree that there is nothing men have to go through that is as painful as childbirth, then?”

“I think it hurts almost as much as a kick in the nuts!”

If you speak Norwegian, have a look at this article, and there is a video there you can look at as well. I have no idea what childbirth is like, but it was a funny skit anyways.


1. Martin Strøm Nilsen - 11 March 2010

Hilarious skit. The only thing I didn’t like was that you tricked me into clicking a link leading to my arch nemesis Se & Hør. 😉

For the whole show, here’s the link to NRK. http://www1.nrk.no/nett-tv/klipp/616730

uggclogs - 17 March 2010

You need better arch-nemeses…

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