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Fortune-teller of misfortune 1 March 2010

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So, part of the Asia experience is being immersed in the culture, and in Vietnam, many people still believe that outside influences (like spirits, stars, fate, Feng Shui) have a strong influence on people’s lives. I was intrigued from the beginning of the way many Vietnamese use fortune tellers to determine important things in their lives, mainly because many Vietnamese are highly supersticious. They often only get married on auspicious dates, etc.

As you would have seen if you have been a regular reader of my blog, there are a million things to remember to do or not to do in order to ‘have good luck’, or to ‘avoid bad luck’. So when a friend of mine was telling me about her fortune teller, I expressed my curiosity, and we went to see her together yesterday.

I had not idea what to expect, as I have never seen someone who claims to read the future before, but I went there in the hope that I would be told that my life would be wonderful and that I had nothing to worry about. Ever. 😛

Clearly, that was not going to happen.

To start off, she told us off for arriving so late, because the spirits have had a busy month (it being the new year and all). But she invited us to come inside and sit down. Next, she placed a whole lot of fake money on the altar, and took some mandarins from the altar for us to eat. We did not even have time to peel them before she indicated she wanted to start.

To start off, I had to pay her some money (about 10 dollars), which she placed on the altar for the ancestors. And then, with the help of my palms (right palm was my fortune, left palm that of my partner), cards, my birth year, my time of birth, and numbered sticks, my fortune was told.

Here are some exerpts of my fortune (as translated by my friend, and I have with held some items):

– The Year of the Tiger is not going to be a good year. I have to be particularily careful around bodies of water, like rivers, lakes and oceans, and I have to be mindful when travelling – I am likely to have an accident or to lose my possessions (like pickpockets or something like that).

– I should be particularily careful in April, June(?) and September. I should take extra care when riding my motorbike. (All these things were reiterated in several different ways, I even picked the little stick with the number 13 on it, the number for accidents.)

– I should avoid travelling far from here in April. In May, my partner and I will have a big fight.

– The house I live in now has a pool out the back (true), and it is a very good house Feng Shui-wise for us. We will be happy and healthy in it. But we will move next year.

– My partner is very intelligent. He is not good at saving money, but he will own a house one day. (No word on whether I will own a house!)

–  My partner and I are happy and compatible. (Phew)

– If I work in Government, I will become a boss, but in order for me to have a career, I have to move to another country.

– I am hardworking. (based on my time of birth) I will be promoted or receive a raise this year. (The two Kings in the deck of cards told her that!) I will be very busy in my job this year. (The Ace of Hearts) I will make a lot of money and become rich.

– That morning, a young man gave me money. On Tuesday (tomorrow) I will also receive money.

– I should not have children this year, because it is not auspicious. I will either have 1 or 3 children, and the order will be boy-girl-boy. 

– I have two mothers, or mother figures. (I did not understand this very well, because my translator did not know how to translate it)

So, now I will just have to wait and see whether any of this will come true. I sure hope someone will give me money tomorrow, but I also hope that I will not have an accident or be pickpocketed. So wish me luck for the Year of the Tiger – I might need it 😉

Not that I’m supersticious or anything.



1. Lizeth - 2 March 2010

Zoals Ineke altijd zegt: Over 10 jaar weten we meer…….Zo waar, zo waar 😉

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