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Only in Vietnam #5 4 February 2010

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Ok, so maybe not ONLY in Vietnam, I am sure this could happen in many non-English speaking countries.

But last night, at a dinner at a fancy hotel (in their Grand Ballroom) there was a beautiful(?) rendition of Happy New Year performed by three lovely Vietnamese women. They enlisted the help from the children’s groups that had been performing earlier in the night to come out and sing it with them. Afterwards, they all danced to Akon’s hit from last year – Smack That.

These were children maybe 8 and up. Dancing to Smack That.

Do I need to remind you of the lyrics? I’ve picked out the best bits for you:

Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo.
And possibly bend you over.
Look back and watch me
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore
smack that, oooh.


The way she climbs up and down them poles.
Lookin’ like one of them Pretty Cat Dolls.
Tryna hold my woody back through my drawers.


Women just hoin’.
Big booty rollin’.

Now THAT makes for an interesting (children’s) dance number.



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