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Of Blood and Blog 3 February 2010

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

The Maverick Philosopher (a blogger I very much enjoy following) wrote last Friday in this post:

I don’t think my experience is unusual: our blood relatives tend not to give a hoot about our blogging activities. They say blood is thicker than water, but consanguinity sure doesn’t seem to translate into spiritual affinity. No matter, the community that we can’t find by blood, we’ll find by blog.

The people who know us take us for granted. Is it not written that “no prophet is welcome in his hometown”? (Luke 4, 24: nemo propheta acceptus est in patria sua.)

Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) I find myself disagreeing – I believe the only people that follow my blog are family (and friends).

Perhaps it has something to do with my inane musings that are uninteresting to anyone but myself and people that know me(?). Were I to actually have something brilliant (or even vaguely intelligent) to say, like my above fellow blogger, I might have found myself in the same situation.

But chin up, MP, the community that does follow you (albeit not family) still enjoys your blog.



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