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Sinterklaas en spekulaas 4 December 2009

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Speculaas is another one of those essential parts of tomorrow’s festivities. There are two types which in my eyes are somewhat different. There is thin speculaas, it is shaped into biscuits, and can be plain or covered with shaved almonds. And then there is brokspeculaas, which is chunky and which you have to break into pieces before you eat it.

The latter is my favourite, but the former is easier to make.

Oh, and then there is filled Speculaas which is a completely different kettle of fish. It takes weeks to prepare, but is absolutely heavenly. More on that tomorrow.

But today’s post will be about the tradition of setting your shoe infront of the fire place for Sinterklaas to fill it with goodies and presents. I must have been a naughty child this year, for no goodies or presents have appeared in my shoe, even though I have secetly been singing the Sinterklaas songs. Maybe I am too old, and Black Pete has taken me off the presents list.

There was one thing in particular which I used to love getting in my shoe – chocolate mice. They were always filled with some sort of sugary paste that made your teeth rot. Oh, Sint, won’t you bring me those again.

In the mean time, I will eat the home made Speculaas, drink the hot chocolate, and reminice about being a child. Had this been a score years ago, I would have been too excited to sleep tonight, sneaking in to my brother’s room with tales of horse’s hooves clippeticlopping on the roof.

May many more generations know this incredible tradition.


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