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Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation 8 October 2009

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

As I mentioned about two weeks ago, I am currently volunteering, and I should now probably tell you a little more. The group I am volunteering with is called Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

It’s an organisation which does amazing, heartrendering and essential work for and with children in need in Vietnam. Vietnam still struggles with a high rate of poverty. This is sometimes forgotten when the progress of Vietnam as a whole is discussed in the media. And yes, the Vietnam’s development has been exceptional. Over the past 10 years, a large number of people have risen out of poverty, and in recent news, it was reported that

Despite worries over the increase in the consumer price index (CPI) and the impacts of the global economic crisis, it is believed that Vietnam will reach its target of reducing the poverty rate to 10-11 percent by 2010, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

The country as a whole is expected to move from a low-income to a mid-income level country in 2010.

Yet children, often the most vulnerable persons in society, still need a lot of support, to help them off the streets, through school and to break the poverty cycle. It’s the children with no or limited family support that are the ones left behind in a country like Vietnam.

Interestingly, Vietnam has a ‘communal’ culture (as opposed to a western ‘individualistic’ culture), yet from my personal observations, I have concluded that this community feel extends to family only. There seems to be little or no care for those outside the fold. Which of course means that if your parents die, or go to jail, or there are other reasons why the traditional family structure is not there for you, you will have some sigificant trouble.

Blue Dragon, a grass-root NGO based in Hanoi since 2003, was established initially to assist a group of shoe shine boys out of poverty. It has since then developed into an operation that helps all street children that come to them, as well as runaways, dropouts, disabled children, and many more. They pride themselves on never turning away a child that needs help.

So, while I still have some of my most valuable asset (my free time) to donate, I am at Blue Dragon doing all that I can for them. It is an amazing cause, and every day, I hear yet another story that is sad and heartbreaking, but which simultaneously is uplifting and hopeful.

The things achieved here with the help of social workers, volunteers and a handful of passionate staff that go beyond any type of work description is truely amazing. It is exceptionally rewarding to see such drive and passion in others, and to tell you a secret – it is a little contagious.

It is an amazing cause, well worth any effort that I am able to give them.

If you wish to know more about Blue Dragon, go to their website or the blog, and read the stories about the program. Please also consider this organisation for your next charity donation.



1. Lizeth - 17 October 2009

Heel veel succes hiermee. Heb de website uitgebreid bekeken en het lijkt een goed georganiseerde, met grote kans van slagen organisatie. Liefs.

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