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Volunteering 22 September 2009

Posted by uggclogs in Life.
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So, I have been rather quiet over the past couple of weeks. I did not even blog about my choc chip cookies that I made and which turned out devine. Next time I might try to get a photo of them before they are entirely devoured.

But the reason for my lack of blogging is that I have in fact many new projects on my plate. The biggest of which is a new position as a (volunteer) corporate fundraiser at a local grassroot NGO in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The goal for me personally is, apart from raising lots of money for the organisation, is to learn techniques of approaching corporations to ask them to spend their CSR funding on us. It is something I’ve never done before, and something this organisation has never before focussed on (as most of their funding has thus far come from private donations), so together we intend to learn the ways of the corporate world.

And this brings me to the merrits of volunteering. It is amazingly rewarding to invest time into worthy causes, and I very much enjoy doing so. It may thus not be a pure altruistic motivation on my part, because I will expect to learn new skills, and (gasp) enjoy myself while doing this work, but I would encourage you to volunteer some of your time this year, if you can!



1. HJK - 22 September 2009

On a more selfish note, this particular skill – corporate fundraising – is an extremely valuable skill to charities and NGOs all around the world – I know that some of the big UK charities employ people on a commission basis – and when they pull in multi-million pound donations, you can imagine that a 10% commission is quite lucrative indeed! I read about someone recently who does this for a living, and who donates his commissions to other charities – what a legend!

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