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I am not a feminist 24 August 2009

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I am not a feminist. Much to my mother’s surprise and my lecturer at uni’s dismay. My mother likes Germaine Greer and other outspoken women. My lecturer proclaimed that

we should all be feminists, even the men in the room.

So I disappointed them both, by not seeing myself as a feminist.

I see myself as many things. A humanist, an atheist, a centrist, a human rights advocate, amongst others. I do think I am compassionate.

So why did feminism never rub off on me?

Because my life has been easy. I have always been told I can be what I want to be. I excelled at school. I received high grades in maths, history, languages, science. I was told that I could choose any career I wanted. I went to university and studied the things I was interested in, including politics and economics.

I have never had the need to be a feminist.

I have, so far, lived a great life. I have not felt any discrimination against me for being female.

Yet the book I am now reading is showing me a side of me that all those things that I have been lucky enough to take for granted, are still instilled in my by some level of feminism, which I never thought I had.

A Room With a View, by E. M. Forster, was written in 1908. And it is a marvellous study of human nature. Yet it sometimes expresses the view of women as seen from an early 20th century setting. And it angers me. Yes, it is physically causing my pulse to increase, my breath to quicken, and for my mind to start providing vitriolic retorts to the positions stated by the author and his characters.

So I will say this once and for all.

I still do not classify myself as a feminist. But I highly value equality, in terms of opportunity and treatment. So that makes me an equalist, I suppose.


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