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Banana Muffins 10 August 2009

Posted by uggclogs in Life.

Tip of the day:

When making banana, walnut and choc-chip muffins yesterday, I noticed that my recepy mentions that the riper the banana, the better. Yet no where did it mention my little trick: frozen bananas.

In fact, I love ripe bananas. I love the taste and texture of a perfectly yellow banana. But not long after purchasing bananas, they tend to go brown. The browner they get, the less likely I am to eat them (sort of like the left overs in the fridge, the ones I am not so sure about whether they are in fact off, so I leave them in the fridge until they definitely are, and then I dispose of them).

So, I have started a new practice since I arrived in hot climates. When a banana goes borderline brown, and I know I am unlikely to ever want to eat it anymore, I chuck it, skin and all, in the freezer.

And that way, whenever I feel like making banana muffins or banana bread, I have deliciously ripe bananas available all the time. Unfrozen, they go limp and feel a little unsavoury in your hands, so try to handle them as little as possible. But in baked goods, they are to die for.


1. shaunmcgowan - 10 August 2009

Frozen bananas? Good idea re warmer climates! Thats actually genius, I usually would throw them away.

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