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Presentation Skills 29 June 2009

Posted by uggclogs in Public Speaking.
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In my capacity as a volunteer, I have been asked to help out with the local SIFE team’s preparations for their presentation skills competition.

Interestingly, today we will focus on their unconscious movements and ‘ticks’ as they are speaking to an audience.  I myself never did this while at university, and I must admit I never took the ‘Public Speaking’ class that was on offer (something I have come to regret in hindsight, however, the class I took instead greatly helped my English language skills, so I suppose it was right for me at the time).  I do believe doing this exercise will be an invaluable experience, both for them and me.

What we will do, is ask the students to present in front of a camera.  We will then look back on how they behaved, and how their nervousness is manifested.  Often, people tend to fidget or sway or clear their throats, or they will have other habits that take away from their presentation, and will result in the judges having a lesser impression of them than if they can focus and practice.  I am excited to see what comes out of the presentations today, and whether we will be able to make useful progress with them.

An update will be made as to the outcomes.


The meeting went really well. The group had in fact prepared two presentations, for us to critique. They did well, they had great body language and good presence. There were, of course, things that we picked up on, especially using the camera to show the participants their body language. It was a great idea (hat tip to the person who came up with that!) and very useful.



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